The Snowman

by Raymond Briggs

The Snowman is a heartwarming and enchanting Christmas story that began as a picture book by British author and illustrator Raymond Briggs. It was later adapted into an animated short film, and is often shown during the holiday season (see video).

The book was first published in 1978. It has since become a classic children's book and a much-loved Christmas story known for its enchanting illustrations and heartwarming narrative.

The Snowman (1982) - a magical presentation

The Story

The story begins with a young boy named James waking up to a snowy morning. He goes outside and builds a large snowman in his garden. To complete the snowman's look, he adds a hat, a scarf, a carrot for a nose, and coal for eyes and a mouth.

As night falls, James is surprised to see that the snowman has magically come to life. The two of them share a delightful adventure together. They explore James's house, raid the kitchen for snacks, and even take flight, soaring over the countryside. Flying through the starlit sky, they visit a snow-covered forest and meet other snowmen and creatures.

As they continue their journey, James and the Snowman make a stop at the North Pole, where they find themselves in the company of many other snowmen, each with their own unique appearances and personalities. The snowmen are depicted as a community, and they greet James and the Snowman with warmth and friendliness.

Father Christmas (Santa Claus) presides over this snowy realm and welcomes James and the Snowman. He gives James a special gift, a scarf, to keep him warm on their journey. After this heartwarming encounter, James and the Snowman bid farewell to Father Christmas and the other snowmen, continuing their magical adventure as they head home.

When James wakes up in the morning after their adventure, he finds that the snowman has melted back into a lifeless pile of snow. He is deeply saddened and realizes that the adventure with the Snowman was a one-night magical experience.

He will treasure the scarf he received from Father Christmas as a magical keepsake from their unforgettable adventure to the North Pole - the beautiful experience they shared and the bond they formed. Wearing the scarf will help him cherish the memory of their extraordinary journey, even though the Snowman has melted and is no longer with him.


  1. Imagination and Wonder: "The Snowman" celebrates the boundless imagination of children and the wonder of the holiday season. The story invites readers to believe in the extraordinary and the magical.
  2. Friendship: The bond between James and the Snowman is a central theme. Their brief but unforgettable adventure illustrates the joy of friendship and the special connections that can be formed during the holiday season.
  3. Childhood Innocence: The story captures the innocence and joy of childhood, as James's imagination allows him to experience the extraordinary in the most ordinary of settings.

"The Snowman" is known for its beautifully detailed illustrations and the way it tells a touching and magical story without the need for words.

The story's continuing appeal lies in its ability to capture the essence of wonder and imagination that makes the Christmas season so special for children and adults alike.

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