The Legend of La Befana

The Italian Christmas Witch

The Legend of La Befana hails from the heart of Italy and introduces us to a kindly old woman who embarks on an extraordinary journey. Filled with wonder after witnessing a brilliant star, Befana's life takes a magical turn as she endeavors to find the Christ Child.

Her story unfolds with the spirit of curiosity, generosity, and an enduring search for love and goodness, leaving a heartwarming mark on the Italian Christmas tradition.

The Story of the Italian Christmas Witch. (Folklore from Italy)

The Legend

Centuries ago, in a quaint Italian village, there lived a kind-hearted, elderly woman named Befana. She was known for her wisdom, generosity, and the care she provided to the children of her community. Despite her solitude, Befana's heart was filled with love for the village's young ones.

The Three Wise Men
The Three Wise Men

One crisp winter's night, as Befana prepared for bed, she noticed a bright star shining brilliantly in the sky. It was unlike any star she had ever seen, and it filled her heart with a sense of wonder and curiosity. As she gazed upon it, a grand procession of three regal figures riding camels appeared in her dreams. These figures were none other than the Three Wise Men, the Magi.

The Wise Men informed Befana that they were on a journey to find the newborn Messiah, the Christ Child, and they invited her to join them. However, Befana declined, as she felt she was too old for such an adventure and had too many responsibilities in the village.

The following morning, Befana awoke to find herself deeply moved by the vision and her missed opportunity to see the baby Jesus. Regret and longing filled her heart. She decided to follow the star, with a sack filled with gifts for the infant in hand, to join the Magi in their quest.

La Befana delivering Christmas presents
La Befana

Befana embarked on her journey, searching far and wide. She traveled through forests, crossed rivers, and scaled hills, asking everyone she met if they had seen the Christ Child. She continued her quest year after year, leaving small gifts for children she encountered along the way, in the hope that one of them might be the newborn Messiah.

Generations passed, and Befana became known as the "Christmas Witch" or the "Good Witch of Christmas" due to her kind and magical mission. Every year on the night of January 5th, Befana flies on her broomstick, delivering sweets, toys, and small gifts to children throughout Italy.

Befana was not always depicted as a witch in Italian folklore. In the early iterations of the legend, she was typically described as a kind and elderly woman, often referred to as "La Vecchia".

The Legends is a much-loved Italian tradition that captures the essence of the holiday season, emphasizing the values of kindness, generosity, and the joy of giving. La Befana represents the spirit of seeking, of never giving up on the search for goodness and the desire to share love and joy with others.

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