In the Bleak Midwinter chords

by The Priests
  • Composer: Gustav Holst
  • Lyrics: Christina Rossetti, 1872
  • Performance: The Priests - a classical musical group, made up of three Roman Catholic priests from the Diocese of Down and Connor in Northern Ireland -  Fr. Eugene and his brother Fr. Martin O'Hagan, and Fr. David Delargy.
  • Album: Noel
  • Music: Key of F Major in 4/4 time at ~ 84 bpm (♩)
  • Chords: F, Gm, Gm7, Bb, C, C7, Dm
  • The easiest key for beginners is C major .  If you want to play with the video, you will need a Capo on the 5th fret, and press the button 'C'.
Chart Legend
Numbered Circles: Fingers used to play chords   O: Optional Note
Barre Line: One finger holds down multiple strings   R: Root Note
Unmarked strings: Play open   X: Don't play string    B: Bass Note
F Major F Major Gm Gm7 Bb Bb C C7 Dm
F Major F Major Gm Gm7 Bb Bb C C7 Dm

In the Bleak Midwinter

Song Key is highlighted - Transpose to any other key
Intro: 4/4 |     |     |     |    |

   F                Dm
1. In the bleak mid-winter
   Gm           F      Gm7     C7
   Fros-ty wind made | moan  -    |
   F                   Dm
   Earth stood hard as i-ron,
   Bb     C7     F
   Wa-ter like a stone;
   Bb           F7   Bb      Dm
   Snow had fal-len, snow on snow,
   F       Bb   C
   Snow-ow o-on snow,
   F                Dm 
   In the bleak mid-winter
   Bb     C7     F
   Lo-ong long a-go. |    |

   F                    Dm
2. God, Hea-ven can-not hold Him
   Gm            F   Gm7       C7
   Nor the earth su-|stain  -     |
   F                       Dm
   Hea-ven and earth shall flee a-way
   Bb      C7       F
   When He comes to reign:
   Bb           F7  Bb    Dm
   In the bleak mid-win - ter
     F      Bb        C
   A stable-place suf-ficed
       F             Dm 
   The Lo-ord God Al-migh-ty,
   Bb   C7    F          Bb   C7 
   Je-e-su-us Christ.  |    -     |

(Missing Verse)
     F                   Dm
3. E-nough for Him, whom cher-u-bim
   Gm             F     Gm7    C7
   Wor-ship night and | day  -    |
     F             Dm
   A breast-ful of milk,
         Bb      C7     F
   And a man-ger-ful of hay;
     Bb             F7   Bb   Dm
   E-nough for Him, whom an - gels
   F    Bb      C
   Fall down be-fore,
       F              Dm 
   The ox and ass and ca-mel
   Bb      C7   F
   Whi-ich a- a-dore.

   F                Dm
4. An-gels and arch-an-gels
   Gm          F        Gm7      C7
   May have ga-thered | there  -    |
   F              Dm
   Che-ru-bim and se-ra-phim
   Bb     C7        F
   Thro-o-onged the air 
   Bb         F7   Bb   Dm
   But His mo-ther on - ly
   F      Bb      C
   In her mai-den bliss
   F                  Dm 
   Wor-shipped the Be-lo-ved
   Bb     C7  F
   Wi-ith a-a kiss.

   F          Dm
5. What can I give Him,
   Gm      F   Gm7    C7
   Poor as I | am?  -    |
   F           Dm
   If I were a she-pherd
   Bb      C7      F
   I would bring a lamb;
   Bb           F7  Bb    Dm
   If  I  were  a   wise  man
   F       Bb    C
   I would do my part;
       F             Dm 
   Yet what I can, I give Him
   Bb     C7   F
   Gi-ive my-y heart...


  Gm7    C7
|     -     | 
Play Gm7 for 2 beats and C7 for 2 beats

The same applies to 
  Bb     C7
| 1&2& - 3&4& |

Beginners can also try the key of G major which also uses easy chords. The reason I didn't suggest this key earlier is that if you want to play with the video, the Capo would need to be placed on the 10th fret.

Depending on the type of guitar you have, there would need to be at least 5 playable frets beyond the 10th fret to ensure clarity and comfort. You may find yourself slightly cramped for space and the sound of the chords may be pitched a little high, but if you have the room, try it.

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